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Registration and Breakfast

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Gain insight from a winning brand to access their recipe for success

Pharmaceutical marketing has changed dramatically over the years. With increasing competition from payers and generic manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies can no longer rely solely on brand name recognition or print advertising to drive sales. This talk will discuss the increasing importance of the various channels and relevant strategies in order to build a successful pharmaceutical brand.

  • Review successful brands to instill a sharp competitive edge
  • Review recent trends in pharma marketing and benchmark against your company
  • Discuss the growing importance of multi-channel marketing to determine the key essentials of growth

Discover best marketing strategies from the leaders to stay compliant and build your marketing campaign.

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How to deal with globalization or regionalization of the marketing function as a Canadian affiliate to achieve alignment

Over the last few years, Pharma Companies have pulled marketing resources from their affiliate countries (like Canada). This will create Global and/or Regional Marketing Teams who deliver marketing tools/programs to the affiliates. Take away specific solutions to:

  • Achieve economies of scale
  • Improve economies of scale
  • Transform alignment of marketing strategies globally

Transform alignment of marketing strategies globally and improve economies of scale

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An insightful review of the latest technologies with the pharma industry

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Morning Networking Break

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How to Use Chatbots to Connect Effectively with Patients

Chatbots are now widely used. However, it is critical to avoid their mis-use and ensure a coherent customer experience. Take away a plan to:

  • Ensure patients don’t feel like they are talking to a bot
  • Use chatbots for adverse event reporting
  • Effectively answer questions and connect with additional resources

Improve your website with chatbot technology

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Leveraging Gamification to Increase Patient Adherence

Medication non-adherence is responsible for $637 billion in lost revenue for the global pharmaceutical industry. Implement gamification and behavioral economics to improve your patience adherence. Take back to your office a plan to:

  • Implement behavioral economics in your strategy
  • Recapture lost adherence revenue
  • Improve patient outcomes with gamification

Use gamification to improve outcomes and generate revenue

11:15 am


How to manage and harness growing Tech Disruption to generate true value for all stakeholders

As we undergo an evolution of an industry from a pill maker to a Healthcare Solutions provider, should you leverage disruptive tech and offer companion solutions as part and parcel of your value offer?  As markets become crowded and result in commoditization of your intervention, optimize disruptive tech to enhance the patient’s experience and become the source of differentiation. Master the success factors to:

  • Identify the correct solution for you and your customers to evolve your value proposition
  • Being disruptive to challenge the incumbents who may have dominated a field
  • Acquire the necessary skill sets by modifying your talent acquisition strategy

Generate true value for all stakeholders and become the source of differentiation

11:15 am


Understanding Tele-Detailing to optimize your performance and salesforce resources

Where does Tele-Detailing fit in Non-Personnel Promotion Mix? Learn when and why it makes sense using tele-detailing. Source your plan of action to:

  • Understand tele-detailing to optimize your salesforce resources
  • Clarify the roll out and establish how you will measure the success
  • Ensure your salesforce team is ‘on-board’

Employ NPP practices and enhance your salesforce revenues

11:45 am


Optimizing Your DTP Strategy to Improve Patient Adherence

Connecting with patients is critical to improving patient adherence and loyalty to your brand. Develop a strategy to ensure your company overcomes the unique challenges pharma faces in engaging in engaging patients in Canada. Source insights on:

  • Creating 1-2-1 engagement with patients
  • Developing DTP communities for chronic illnesses
  • How to have effective DTP communications while adhering to Canadian regulations

Transform your DTP communication to improve patient adherence

11:45 am


Increase your awareness of Data Protection and achieve a fundamental brand trust

Build a clear articulation of the issues and steps you can take to be on the right side of this conversation. Achieve a step-by-step action plan to:

  • Establish who owns the personal data – the individual who it’s about or the company who collects it? And whether you trust Facebook with your personal data?

Examine whether your customers trust your brand with their personal data

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Networking Lunch

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Unlocking Customer Insights that Drive Precision: Redefining primary research approaches with real-world data and advanced analytics

Go beyond knowing what your customers are doing to gain insight into why they act as they do. Despite mountains of data available, gaining meaningful insight in today’s complex markets demands a fresh approach; one that moves beyond traditional market research and secondary information. Primary Intelligence integrates real world data with primary market research and applies advanced analytics to deliver deeper insights and enable you to predict, assess and track customer behaviour. This session will present examples and case studies to show how Primary Intelligence can help you understand you brand’s true impact and better know your customers.

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Bring your questions, leave with your answers!

5 roundtables – The methodology seeks to foster an environment that is good for conversations to develop. The approach gets authentic conversations started in order to encourage the sharing of ideas in a relaxed, informal and creative atmosphere. Each roundtable will have 10-20 attendees. The discussion will last for approximately 30 minutes. At the end of the discussion the facilitator will be asked on to the stage to share with the whole audience the 3 key takeaways from their roundtable.


Choose one option:


Roundtable 1: Inspect the patient’s perspective to enhance your marketing strategies

Hearing patients’ experiences helped marketers better understand who they were marketing to. Achieve greater insight into a patient with have Lupus, inflammatory arthritis and osteonecrosis (bone death) to personalize your marketing techniques. Source practical tips to:

  • Examine why patients don’t trust big Pharma and how to begin to bridge that gap
  • Gain a better understanding and appreciating the patient life to achieve greater insight
  • Analyze what ‘makes a patient tick’ to establish how and why we act and feel as we do

Prove to your consumers, patients and HCPs that you’re doing what’s best for them.

Sarah Clark, Director, Delta Eight Pharmaceuticals Canada


Roundtable 2: Review the changing role of Medical Affairs and establish a clear competitive advantage

Medical affairs departments designed for the 20th century will be eclipsed by the coming era of Big Data medicine. As digital technologies transform drug development and marketing, companies that reinvent medical affairs can build competitive advantage in a rapidly changing pharma landscape. Leadership teams eager to rethink the role of medical affairs can begin by adding the following key questions to their next strategy meeting agenda:

  • Build a clear engagement strategy for medical affairs for each important stakeholder group – continually monitoring and improving them to build the right capabilities
  • Ensure you are leveraging the full potential of your medical affairs team across all stages of drug development and life cycle management
  • Review your Big Data and real-world evidence strategies for your key products to ensure they are they fully integrated with the overall brand strategy?
  • Achieve the right capabilities for your medical affairs team for the new era of Big Data medicine and build plans to develop them

Build a clear engagement strategy for medical affairs to build the right capabilities

Andrew Liuni, Therapeutic Area Director, Cardiometabolic, Boehringer Ingelheim Canada


Roundtable 3: Illustrate the global role of market access for new product launch and exhibit serious competitive advantages

Drug prices have been a challenge within the past year, and a cause of significant debate among payers and policymakers. With an increase in spending on prescription medicines still rising, patients are looking for alternative ways to cut down on high out-of-pocket costs. Technology has helped move this trend in the right direction and with the surge of telemedicine options like Hims and Hers, patients are taking power over the current administrations paying constraints. But, with that power comes responsibility, and it is up to us as healthcare professionals to provide patients with the right tools and knowledge to make educated decisions and directly integrate with the patient journey through experiences such as SMS/MMS. Master the success factors to:

  • Establish how to determine what type of market access capabilities suit your treatment best.
  • Deep dive: Finding the right telemedicine vendor and assess ROI
  • Deep dive: SMS/MMS capabilities and how it is expected within the patient journey.

Establish what type of market access capabilities suit your treatment best

Michael Ruta, Digital Capabilities Lead, AMAG Pharmaceuticals US


Roundtable 4: Adapt best practices for Digital Transformation

A discussion on the trends in marketing. Establish how Pharma is starting to adopt facets of marketing innovation from other industries via large scale digital transformations. Adapt best practices to:

  • Discuss digital transformation within Pharma to benchmark your company against
  • Design teams in the tech space for success
  • Highlight case studies to illustrate best practices

Discuss digital transformation within Pharma to benchmark your company against

Martin Husar, Director, Digital Transformation, Allergan Canada


Roundtable 5: Pharma & The Social Media Landscape – How to position your organization for maximum success

Social media has changed the way people interact and receive information – HCPs and patients, alike, turn to social media as both publishers and consumers of content. Engage in conversations across every therapeutic area to proactively be part of that conversation. Source practical tips to:

  • Become the trusted authoritative voice that can reach out, engage, inform, and mobilize target audiences
  • Even in a highly regulated environment, coupled with the need to monitor for adverse events, you can still leverage the social media landscape to achieve your marketing communication goals
  • Through an understanding of how platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn work within the pharma landscape, you can position your organization and brands for maximum success.
  • How to maximize the opportunities as per ASC in social media advertising

Position your organization for maximum success in the social media landscape

Bryan Cohen, Innovation Fellow, Digital Platform Lead (Promotional Operations), Pfizer, US

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Afternoon Networking Break

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Customize your campaign to maximize your impact

Physician preferences for accessing information are changing, is your brand keeping up?  Whether you are managing competitive threats, new to the market or building disease awareness, effective digital campaigns can support your brand objectivesImprove the ROI you get from your digital agency

Learn how you can:

  • Target relevant physicians
  • Navigate regulatory requirements
  • Lifecycle management online

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Establish best practices that help projects flow efficiently through regulatory channels

Canada has a robust regulatory framework for advertising and promotion of healthcare products.  Ensure projects go through regulatory and compliance channels efficiently by adopting these best practices.  Our distinguished panelists will share best practices on how to navigate through these channels effectively by:

  • Planning for a smooth traverse: What should be done before even starting the project
  • Implementing as though everyone’s watching: Avoid the pitfalls that could occur upon deviation from the approved plan
  • Keeping your eyes on your fries:  Regulatory considerations relating to monitoring and evaluation
Understand the regulations, policies and guidance documents involved in creating compliant health care professional and consumer-directed messages.

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New PMPRB Regulations: Impact on industry, marketing and digital

In August 2019, the Patented Medicines Pricing Review Board (PMPRB) amended Regulations that will have a significant impact on the future of Canadian pharmaceutical companies, Canada’s life sciences sector and ultimately patients.  The amended Regulations will drop drug ceiling prices by up to 70%, which will create a significant dis-incentive for future investment.

This talk will discuss how these changes will impact the pharma industry after they go into effect on July 1st 2020 including:

  • The potential impact on current products and future drug launches
  • The impact to customers, including payers, physicians and patients
  • The impact on marketing as we strive for customer-centric solutions and to be a valued partner in healthcare

Understand how the new PMPRB regulations will impact the pharma industry and how companies will need to adapt and transform

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Conference Adjourns to Day Two

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Evening Executive Reception

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