Tamara Seales-Knights


Tamara Seales is the President of Seaford Pharmaceuticals, overseeing administrative, financial, strategic, and marketing functions. With a 20+ year journey at Seaford, she rose from early roles to operations management due to her commitment to specialty products. Tamara holds a Bachelor of Commerce with distinction and an MBA from York University’s Schulich School of Business.

Tamara’s leadership shines not only professionally but also through her philanthropic endeavors. She supported the refurbishment of a pediatric clinic in Jamaica, contributed to disaster relief, and supported women’s, cancer, and brain health fundraisers. She has forged global partnerships and engaged in peer groups such as TEC and PEI Bioalliance. Tamara uplifts women in pharma through WLP and supports the Black community via various initiatives, contributing to industry-wide transformation.

In essence, Tamara Seales’ inspirational leadership and philanthropic dedication guide Seaford Pharmaceuticals and the pharmaceutical sector toward a brighter and more equitable future.”

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Day 1: Sep 14, 2022

Day 2: Sep 15, 2022