Grant Larsen

Chief Commercial Officer

Grant Larsen is the Chief Commercial Officer for Aequus Pharmaceuticals, a publicly traded, specialty pharmaceutical company with a primary focus in ophthalmology, transplant, and neurology. Grant has more than twenty years of experience as a CEO, board advisor, corporate executive, and entrepreneur.

During his career, Grant has developed, modelled, and launched hundreds of products in categories ranging from consumer-packaged goods, branded OTC, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, PC games, application software and ecommerce. His diverse business background includes keynote speaking, start-up advisory roles, strategic consulting, organizational restructuring, curriculum development and healthcare technology integration. His academic background includes an honours business degree, an MBA and part-time work as a business/media professor.

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Day 1: Sep 14, 2022

Day 2: Sep 15, 2022

4:10 pm

4:10 pm


Creating a Smaller and Faster Marketing Funnel

Marketing success can be summarized as finding the right customers in the least amount of time. Whether your target audience is offices, doctors, patients or consumers, your approach needs to involve planning, digital knowledge and the ability to capture and leverage data. Stay ahead of the curve by implementing new marketing knowledge and processes. Gain insight into:

  • Why the old ways of marketing are no longer working
  • How time is a key driver of marketing success
  • The latest consumer and patient trends
  • Why AI and data require people power