Rene Baptiste-Burns

Performance Coach

Rene is a successful pharmaceutical sales representative with almost 20 years of sales experience and a strong commitment to employee engagement and development.

Most recently in her role as Performance Coach at Novo Nordisk Canada, Rene has been involved in helping the organization navigate the new COVID reality by providing training in the area of virtual customer engagement. She has been involved in rolling out various virtual platforms to the sales department to optimize customer meetings and coaching representatives on how to maximize those interactions. As well, she has worked across the organization to collect best business practices and develop supporting resources to assist sales representatives in transitioning to virtual interactions.


Over the last several months she has conducted workshops on embracing virtual detailing and how to improve access to customers in challenging times.

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Day 1: Jan 26, 2021

Day 2: Jan 27, 2021

12:30 pm

12:30 pm


Sharpen Your Skills for Boosting Sales in Uncertain Times

As COVID-19 spreads worldwide, digital sales tools and virtual meetings have replaced almost all in person meetings – and may do so permanently. Master the new skills you need to help you excel. Create a checklist to ensure your virtual sales calls are productive and successful by:

  • Preparing the right content, best online platform and remote communication
  • Handling virtual sales calls with multiple stakeholders and multi-faceted Q&A
  • Using visual storytelling effectively
  • Conducting continuous follow-up

Bolster your skills for conveying your marketing message and creating a bond with your customers online.