Rebecca Hensman

Product Manager, Pharmaceuticals

Rebecca is a Product Manager at Santen, Canada and currently leads marketing strategy development and tactical execution. She previously worked at Intercept Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly in marketing and business intelligence roles. Rebecca has an MBA from McMaster University and a BSc from the University of Toronto.

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Day 1: Sep 14, 2022

Day 2: Sep 15, 2022

10:30 am

10:30 am


Formulating and Disseminating Targeted, Value-Added Content to HCPs

There are many important aspects of a successful working relationship between pharma and HCPs. But consistently delivering timely, targeted, value-added content in a format that is convenient for your target audience is key. Reinvent your content strategy with material that is relevant to HCPs and their patients. Create a roadmap to:

  • Utilize data analysis to enrich your customer knowledge and produce pertinent content
  • Track the impact of your marketing efforts to improve communications while avoiding message fatigue
  • Determine the right channel and platform for different audiences and content

12:40 pm

12:40 pm


Successfully Launching a Rare Disease Product During a Global Pandemic

There are always challenges when launching a new product, but the pandemic restrictions only magnified these obstacles. Avoid a product launch failure with the do’s and don’ts of introducing, marketing and selling a new rare disease product during lockdown. Master the success factors to:

  • Overcoming the handicap of working with a limited sales team to reach HCPs
  • Utilizing webinars, telemedicine, direct-to-consumer advertising and social media to educate both HCPs and patients on rare diseases and their treatments
  • Shifting from in-person marketing and sales tactics to hybrid and fully virtual engagement