Patrick Massad


Patrick Massad has been with the PAAB since 2002. He has held several posts during his tenure, starting as areviewer, then as the Chief Review Officer, then as Deputy Commissioner, then as Acting Commissioner, andnow as Commissioner. He is a graduate from the pharmacy program at University of Toronto. He has workedboth as a community pharmacist and as a hospital pharmacist. More recently, he completed the Canadian Association Executives programme offered by the CSAE and has attained the CAE designation. Most importantly, Patrick is the unofficial record holder among Central Ontarians for the prestigious category ‘largest collection of Hello Kitty teddy bears’. While this superlative claim has not been independently substantiated, it has yet to be challenged and can therefore be assumed to be true with a high degree of confidence.

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Day 1: Sep 14, 2022

11:20 am

11:20 am


Acquaint yourself with New Regulatory Priorities in Order to Remain Compliant

The PAAB has quietly been laying the groundwork for transformational change. How will these upcoming changes in the PAAB preclearance system affect your day-to-day work? Get answers to all your questions and more with a deep dive into:

  • A recap of advancements that PAAB has already made to support the pharmaceutical industry in delivering truthful and trustworthy advertising
  • The latest guidance on long-term clinical trials aiming to further enrich how healthcare professionals contribute to advertising
  • The upcoming Accelerated Review Options (AROs) that will complement existing preclearance options
  • New advertising submission formats and ways of consulting with reviewers for improved agility in reacting to the needs of HCPs

Day 2: Sep 15, 2022