Estevão Delgado

General Manager Canada, Vascular

Estevão is a highly experienced professional with an extensive career spanning over 23 years in various sales and marketing roles within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Estevão holds a degree in business administration, along with a master’s in marketing. 

Starting as a marketing intern at Aventis (currently known as Sanofi), Estevão gradually assumed multiple roles within the marketing domain and eventually secured the position of Abbott Vascular Marketing Director for Canada and Latin America, 13 years later. Subsequently, Estevão took on the full business responsibility of Abbott Vascular operations in Mexico, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, and most recently, Canada. 

Having responsibility across multiple countries since 2011, Estevão has gained substantial international exposure and possesses a great knowledge of regulatory environments, including regulations concerning lay-public and healthcare professional advertising, as well as health system dynamics and stakeholder management. 

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Day 1: Sep 14, 2022

Day 2: Sep 15, 2022

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