Dr. Mohammad Adil Khan

Business Unit Director Specialty Care, Founder and Co – Chair BICL Incubator

With more than 10 years of experience across Academic, Public and Private sectors, Adil’s single-minded approach in serving the cause of the Customer has led to development of integrated Omni channel journeys, that not only leverage current digital trends but integration of disruptive tech as value offers. In the Pharmaceutical space, Adil brings a unique customer perspective through the lens of variety of positions across Medical, Marketing and Sales organizations recognizing the evolving need of the market place, effectively addressing them while delivering sustainable growth.

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Day 1: Feb 9, 2021

11:15 am

11:15 am


How to manage and harness growing Tech Disruption to generate true value for all stakeholders

As we undergo an evolution of an industry from a pill maker to a Healthcare Solutions provider, should you leverage disruptive tech and offer companion solutions as part and parcel of your value offer?  As markets become crowded and result in commoditization of your intervention, optimize disruptive tech to enhance the patient’s experience and become the source of differentiation. Master the success factors to:

  • Identify the correct solution for you and your customers to evolve your value proposition
  • Being disruptive to challenge the incumbents who may have dominated a field
  • Acquire the necessary skill sets by modifying your talent acquisition strategy

Generate true value for all stakeholders and become the source of differentiation

Day 2: Feb 10, 2021

11:15 am

11:15 am


Establish which core digital capabilities are needed for Canadian pharma to transform vs. shiny new pennies and more advanced technologies

This session will offer an understanding of Agile marketing and winning digital team structure. Establish how Agile marketing method enables and streamlines end to end, eHCP digital decision-making journey. Achieve a step-by-step action plan to:

  • Formulate the essential tools, technology, and capabilities required to achieve agile customer-centric digital marketing engine
  • Optimize time and budget to streamline end to end and the eHCP digital decision-making journey
  • Establish precise measurement and accountability
  • Design Customer decision journey based on behaviour and data

Establish which core digital capabilities are needed for Canadian pharma to transform