Dominika Synowiec


Dominika Synowiec is a part of the new generation of Millennial leadership in pharma. She is an entrepreneur and a leader in aesthetic medicine and pharmaceuticals in both the USA and Canada. Before finding her true passion for aesthetics, medicine and wellness, Dominika worked as a consultant in the food and beverage industry. Dominika believes that social media can make or break any company, and she is here to tell us about it.

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Day 1: Sep 14, 2022

Day 2: Sep 15, 2022

2:40 pm

2:40 pm


Gaining Clients, Increasing Trust and Driving Revenue Through Organic Social Media

  • Why social media is nothing to fear and the benefits of having a solid online presence
  • Future trends, platforms to spend time on for the most significant ROI and how very little can go a long way
  • Developing a strong future social media blueprint for your organization
  • Organic vs. paid-for social media
  • Quality vs. quantity of follower and content