Deepak Tomer

Senior Digital Marketing & Analytics Consultant

With over 12 years of experience, delivering engaging multichannel marketing campaigns that address customer’s needs at each stage of the decision making cycle in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. I’m an experienced digital marketing and demand generation pro with a passion for innovative customer engagement models.
I strongly believe in continued customer experience improvement and brand storytelling strategy to guide customer throughout buying journey to take informed decisions. I believe in grass root organic growth model and knowledge to solve bigger problems and challenges.
I have successfully implemented advanced marketing models such as: account based marketing, channel marketing, demand marketing, predictive marketing, emerging growth marketing, portfolio marketing and sales enablement strategy. I have continuously established simplified KPI models to establish best practices and define ideal customer behavior to achieve marketing goals.
I love to visualize and analyze data and analytics. I use data, measurement and reporting models to improve the strategies, optimizing ROI and translating data into outcomes. My data backed approach helps leadership in utilizing data to make better business decisions and predict market trends.
I love group brainstorming and solo report creation equally well and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

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Day 1: Jan 26, 2021

Day 2: Jan 27, 2021

11:05 am

11:05 am


Empowering Your Team for the Digital Environment

COVID-19 is a fascinating disruptor that has turned the pharma sales rep model upside down, limiting face to face visits and requiring a rapid evolution of the field representative role. Equip your sales reps with new strategies, skills and resources they need to react quickly to these shifting needs. Take away critical insights and source your plan of action by:

  • Considering the various new roles of reps moving forward: orchestrator, channel, spoke?
  • Conquering the fear of digital: how to gain buy-in from your reps to adapt digital tools
  • Determining what’s working: email, cold calls, web conferences that add value and more
  • Setting expectations and KPIs plus new ways to incentivize sales reps

Establish nimble practices that enable sales representatives to be more adaptive and productive to erratic situations.