Deepak Tomer

Senior Digital Marketing & Analytics Consultant

With over 12 years of experience, delivering engaging multichannel marketing campaigns that address customer’s needs at each stage of the decision making cycle in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. I’m an experienced digital marketing and demand generation pro with a passion for innovative customer engagement models.
I strongly believe in continued customer experience improvement and brand storytelling strategy to guide customer throughout buying journey to take informed decisions. I believe in grass root organic growth model and knowledge to solve bigger problems and challenges.
I have successfully implemented advanced marketing models such as: account based marketing, channel marketing, demand marketing, predictive marketing, emerging growth marketing, portfolio marketing and sales enablement strategy. I have continuously established simplified KPI models to establish best practices and define ideal customer behavior to achieve marketing goals.
I love to visualize and analyze data and analytics. I use data, measurement and reporting models to improve the strategies, optimizing ROI and translating data into outcomes. My data backed approach helps leadership in utilizing data to make better business decisions and predict market trends.
I love group brainstorming and solo report creation equally well and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

All Sessions by Deepak Tomer

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Day 1: Feb 9, 2021

Day 2: Feb 10, 2021

9:30 am

9:30 am


Receive better insights from effective engagement from physicians and hone your marketing target tactics

This session explains how to modify your messaging to ensure full engagement with physicians. Transform your actions to meet their needs. Adapt best practices to:

  • Discover new and innovative trends in delivering care to patients’ home
  • Demonstrate how a small house call business is rapidly growing by learning how to engage with a changing physician work force
  • Identify opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to virtually engage with physicians who are spending less and less type in a typical clinic or office environment

Hone your messaging to ensure full engagement with physicians

10:45 am

10:45 am

How to create a successful digital campaign and measurement strategies

This session will cover the advanced application of digital marketing as a platform to design and analyze customer behavior, and journey models. The exercise will include best practices for appropriate use of emails, SMS, social media, video, websites, landing pages and webinars to generate meaningful patient & HCP engagement. Furthermore, how to model data and analytics to establish HCPs decision stages. Establish best practices to:
•          Ensure we are in line with the digital expectations of consumers, patients and HCPs (Health Care Practitioners) to achieve meaningful outcomes
•          Build a digital marketing strategy to increase SoV – ex. email strategies (building content & distribution strategies), SMS strategies, Digital tools and calculators (engagement strategies) or any remote strategies – best time to send, how to best structure an email/SMS so it’s open & read, how to use personalization
•          Establish best practices for developing KPIs, measuring and optimizing, and how to structure data into customer journey segments
•          Examine performance measurement: how to set KPIs, target numbers and benchmarks; what does one measure? What do you need to measure when you start from zero and have no historical data? What performance to measure?
Establish best practices for developing KPIs, measuring and optimizing, and how to structure data into customer journey segments

11:15 am

11:15 am


Establish which core digital capabilities are needed for Canadian pharma to transform vs. shiny new pennies and more advanced technologies

This session will offer an understanding of Agile marketing and winning digital team structure. Establish how Agile marketing method enables and streamlines end to end, eHCP digital decision-making journey. Achieve a step-by-step action plan to:

  • Formulate the essential tools, technology, and capabilities required to achieve agile customer-centric digital marketing engine
  • Optimize time and budget to streamline end to end and the eHCP digital decision-making journey
  • Establish precise measurement and accountability
  • Design Customer decision journey based on behaviour and data

Establish which core digital capabilities are needed for Canadian pharma to transform