Darielle Ruderman

Director, Consumer Marketing

Darielle Ruderman has focused her 20-year career in pharma on Consumer Marketing, leading successful campaigns on more than a dozen brands including WELLBUTRIN, IMITREX, ADVAIR, BREO, ANORO, and BENLYSTA.

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Day 1: Jan 26, 2021

1:00 pm

1:00 pm


Using Your CRM to Inform and Drive Your Email Marketing Messages: Effective Strategies

The volume of emails and traffic on healthcare websites has increased dramatically this year. Make sure you know how to stand out in a crowded email environment and that your message is heard. Acquire the expertise you need to:

  • Use data analysis to enrich your customer knowledge and to create targeted lists and messages
  • Educate your customers and provide the information they are seeking at the right time
  • Track the impact of your marketing efforts to improve content without creating email fatigue

Refine and focus your messaging to optimize email interactions with your customers.

Day 2: Jan 27, 2021