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Day 1: Feb 9, 2021

Day 2: Feb 10, 2021

2:00 pm

2:00 pm

Case Study

Engaging HCP’s in creating learning programs to complement marketing strategies

With the changing landscape of the healthcare industry, access to HCPs and other stakeholders is becoming more and more difficult. Examine how to create different platforms to engage and reach HCPs and stakeholders to facilitate learning, transfer or knowledge, skills and more importantly to get expose and have a balanced review of the clinical value of each brand. Master the success factors to:
·       Establish the role of Key Opinion Leaders in order to engage them in the development of learning/educational programs – KOL Engagement Strategy
·       Analyze current trends and different types of learning/educational programs in order drive HCPs engagement and active participation and establish what’s in it for them
·       Devise different metrics to evaluate impact and value of learning programs/educational programs
Analyze current trends and types of educational programs in order drive HCPs’ engagement and active participation
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