Ada Lê

Vice President, Strategy

Ada is a seasoned expert in behavior change. She uses an understanding of the human mind to solve complex organizational challenges and to bring a different way of thinking.

At BEworks, Ada works with Fortune 1000s on innovation, market demand, consumer adoption, and communication strategies. Ada oversees engagements primarily in healthcare, but also touches on the financial services and retail sectors. Her broad sector expertise and strategic oversight gives her a unique perspective into how organizations can more deeply and accurately understand consumer needs.

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Day 1: Sep 14, 2022

Day 2: Sep 15, 2022

9:50 am

9:50 am

Thinking Differently About Pharma Marketing

It is no secret that in order to market well to your audience, you need to understand their mindset. After all, marketing is psychology. In this talk, we will discuss new frameworks you can use to diagnose the patient/HCP mindset and develop targeted messaging that drives perception and behaviour change. Application of the frameworks will be illustrated using case studies. You will gain actionable insights into:

  • How to dig deeper into identifying patient/HCP psychological and behavioural needs, motivators and barriers
  • How to think differently about the communications you develop to change their perceptions and behaviour